Graphic Canon vol 3 is Number 4 on New York Times Bestselling Paperback Graphic Books!

New York Times lists Graphic Canon vol 3 as #4 Bestselling Paperback Graphic Books The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami Illustration by Rey Ortega   Click here to visit the Seven Stories Graphic… Continue reading

Review: Excerpt from Geek Dad’s Serious Comics, Part 6

Most of the comics I’ve listed in my serious comics posts are ones that I would argue qualify as capital-L Literature. Of course, there are plenty of non-comics books that qualify as Literature… Continue reading

Review from Comicsgrinder

Henry Chamberlain of Comicsgrinder offers his two cents on the Graphic Canon, Vol 3. Not all the work here is by cartoonists, per se, but most of it is and everyone here is… Continue reading

A Few Words from Win Wiacek from Now Read This!

Once upon a time in the English-speaking world, nobody clever, educated or grown up liked comics. Now we’re an accredited really and truly art form and spectacular books like this can be appreciated…… Continue reading

Contributor Interview: Kate Glasheen

Today we continue our series of interviews with those who made the Graphic Canon possible. This week we have artist Kate Glasheen! 1) What inspired you to adapt the piece you did for… Continue reading

Watch a Flip-Through of Volume Three with Russ Kick

We’re just too excited about Volume 3 to keep everyone waiting until it hits stores on June 25, so here’s series editor Russ Kick to give you an exclusive preview of all the… Continue reading

Center for Fiction Recommends Graphic Canon’s “Arresting New Perceptions”

The Center for Fiction has featured a page from Laura Plansker’s “stunning” interpretation of Animal Farm on their Book Recommendations list, saying of The Graphic Canon: Here’s Animal Farm as you’ve never seen it. Graphic artist… Continue reading

Ulysses to be “Seen” at NYC’s Irish Arts Center

Out of all the spine-tinglingly wonderful adaptations in the third volume of The Graphic Canon, Robert Berry’s is among the most daring. Mr. Berry began his project to adapt James Joyce’s magnum opus, Ulysses, into a… Continue reading

Contributor Interview: Lance Tooks

This week’s contributor interview is with the great Lance Tooks, who adapted The Mortal Immortal for The Graphic Canon: What inspired you to adapt the piece you did for the Graphic Canon? Russ… Continue reading

Contributor Interview: Roberta Gregory

Welcome back to our series of Graphic Canon contributor interviews! This week, we caught up with Popul Vuh adaptor ROBERTA GREGORY: 1) What inspired you to adapt the piece you did for the… Continue reading