Library Journal calls GC “an exciting new benchmark for comics!”

Martha Cornog reviewed The Graphic Canon in Library JournalJanuary 16, 2012:

Editor Kick (Everything You Know Is Wrong) gives me the scoop: “My vision from the start was to essentially create The Norton Anthology of Literature in graphic form”—and he’s getting three volumes to play with. “Lyric poems and short stories are contained [in these volumes] in their entirety,” he continues. “But novels, plays, and epic poems are usually excerpted. Not always, though. LysistrataMedea, the Book of Revelation, and a handful of others contain the complete narrative, though they are condensed/abridged.” About 80 percent is new material; the rest reprints. Looks like a must-buy for all academic libraries, many public libraries, and many high schools, and an exciting new benchmark for comics! Expect volume 2 in July and volume 3 in October.

Thanks Martha!