Wall Street Journal—x2!

Panel from Edmund Spenser’s “The Faerie Queen,” adapted by Michael Stanyer and Eric Johnson

The other day The Graphic Canon was featured in the print edition of the Wall Street Journal. And now, there is a separate writeup on the WSJ‘s Speakeasy blog, with a mini-gallery!

Click through to “When Great Literature Collides with Cartoons” to see Barbara Chai’s post, the deets on the Rubin Museum launch, and the gallery featuring

  • “The Faerie Queen,” by Edmund Spenser. Adaptation by Michael Stanyer. Art by Eric Johnson.
  • “Hot Sun, Cool Fire,” by George Peele. Art/Adaptation by Dave Morice.
  • “King Lear,” by William Shakespeare. Art/Adaptation by Ian Pollock.


. . . And while we’re on the topic of “The Faerie Queen,” here is a video of Michael Stanyer introducing the graphic novel The Counterfet, inspired by this Edmund Spenser poem: