Seth Tobocman, Ellen Lindner, & Sandy Jimenez TOMORROW @ Brooklyn Book Fest “Bookend” Event

Details from Ambrose Bierce’s “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” adapted by Sandy Jimenez; Frederick Douglass’s speech, “The Message to Mount Misery,” adapted by Seth Tobocman; and Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, adapted by Ellen Lindner

The Graphic Canon and the Storyverse

Presented by Seven Stories Press, Small Demons, & the Brooklyn Book Festival
Tuesday, September 18 @ 7pm
The Bell House
149 7th St., Brooklyn NY (map)


In 1980, SETH TOBOCMAN was one of the founding editors of the political comic book World War 3 Illustrated, a magazine that challenged the politics and morals of the Reagan-Bush era. Tobocman is the author and illustrator of five graphic books—You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive, War in the Neighborhood, Portraits of Israelis and Palestinians, Disaster and Resistance, and Understanding the Crash—and his illustrations have appeared in the New York Times and numerous other publications. He has had a one-man show at ABC No Rio, a two-man show at Exit Art gallery, and group shows at the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the City of Ravenna, and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. He currently teaches in the department of cartooning and illustration at the School of Visual Arts. Tobocman’s images have been used in posters, pamphlets, murals, graffiti, and tattoos by people’s movements around the world, from the African National Congress in South Africa, to squatters on New York’s Lower East Side. Most recently he provided placards and banners to Occupy Wall Street.

Born on Long Island, illustrator ELLEN LINDNER is the author of Undertow, a graphic novel about Coney Island in the early 1960s, and the editor of The Strumpet, a transatlantic comics magazine showcasing art by upcoming women cartoonists. See more of Ellen’s comics and illustration online at, or take a peek at her sketchbook at

SANDY JIMENEZ is an American comic book artist and film director. Having produced scores of varied and original illustrated stories since graduating from The Cooper Union in 1990, he is best known for creating the independent series “Marley Davidson,” and the long-running and critically acclaimed “Shit House Poet” stories for World War 3 Illustrated. Recently Mr. Jimenez was designated the Two Boots Pizza in-house artist for 2012, after painting illustrations for the New York City independent restaurant chain’s entire 2011 calendar.