The Graphic Canon at the Miami Book Fair International

MIAMI: Two authors from The Graphic Canon will be coming your way this Sunday, November 18, for events at the Miami Book Fair International.

Graphic Novels Panel @ Centre Gallery (Building 1)
Editor Russ Kick on The Graphic Canon and Noah Van Sciver on The Hypo: A Graphic Portrait of the Melancholic Young Lincoln

Detail from Maxim Gorky’s Mother, adapted by Stephanie McMillan

Earlier the same day, at 1:00pm, Stephanie McMillan, another Seven Stories author and contributor to Volume 3 of The Graphic Canon, will be on the Comics and Social Change panel in the Centre Gallery (Building 1), 3rd Floor. 

More about the Comics and Social Change panel is below:

From political revolution and memoir to same-sex marriage, comics and graphic novels are tackling real-world social change on all fronts in 2012. Sometimes it comes from mainstream comics publishers who began addressing social issues in the 1960s and 70s, as with DC and Marvel Comics storylines touching on racism and sexual politics. Recently it’s come from more surprising sources, as Archie Comics, once the last enforcer of the Comics Code, has now featured gay characters and an Occupy Riverdale storyline. And memoir, the most popular genre for graphic novels in traditional publishing, has brought stories of stigmatized identity and political conflict to an increasingly wide readership. The reputation of the medium as a forum for socially conscious literature is growing, as its themes and authors continue to diversify along the lines of gender, racial, sexual, ethnic and political identity. A panel of top professionals, whose credentials range from comics to editorial cartooning and graphic memoir, talk about the road ahead. This panel will feature these speakers:

  • Ellen Forney, Eisner-nominated and National Book Award-winning comics creator; her critically-acclaimed graphic novel memoir Marbles, about dealing with bipolar disorder, is releasing in November 2012 from Penguin.
  • Marjorie Liu, writer of Marvel Comics’ Astonishing X-Men, in which one of comics’ first gay superheroes ties the knot in an interracial marriage.
  • Dan Parent, creator of the first gay character in Archie Comics, and writer of another groundbreaking gay-wedding storyline.
  • Stephanie McMillan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr Journalism Award-winning editorial cartoonist and author of The Beginning of the American Fall, a graphic look at her experiences in various Occupy movements last year, releasing in November 2012 from Seven Stories Press.
  • Riva Hocherman, editor at Macmillan’s Metropolitan Books imprint, whose authors include Joe Sacco(Palestine) and Howard Zinn (People’s History), and most recently published Magdy el-Shafee’s graphic memoirMetro, banned in Egypt and published in the U.S. in 2012. Former DC Comics/Vertigo editor Joan Hilty moderates. Her graphic novel acquisitions included the award-winning books Cuba: My Revolution and Cairo, which spanned 60 years of political revolution on two continents; she is also a LGBT comics creator, including the long-running comic strip Bitter Girl.