BookRiot: “A Must-Have for Every Bookshelf”


The Epic of Gilgamesh, adapted by Kent and Kevin Dixon

In the latest installment of BookRiot’s “Growing Up With…”, Jenn Northington gave the Canon a sterling review:

Ask any teacher or librarian; I’ll bet good money that they’re using graphic novels as teaching tools. While a lot of adults are still feeling their way into the genre, kids and teens seem to accept it as just another way to tell a story. Maybe it’s because picture books aren’t so far in their past? In any case, if ever you wanted to get a tween or teen interested in Gilgamesh, the Popol Vuh, or Candide, this is the book to do it. A survey of literature up through the 1700s, 100+ illustrators have taken the classics and brought them to visual life. When I say that this is a must-have for every bookcase, I really do mean “must-have.”

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