Great Review for The Graphic Canon on Digital Spy

Wow! More great review for The Graphic Canon. Digital Spy says:

Russ Kick’s anthology is a true work of art. The three-volume series covers the entire history of literature and storytelling, featuring hundreds of works, starting with Gilgamesh and ending with David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest and including Greek epic and tragedy, Shakespeare, the Bröntes, George Orwell and a host of religious texts.

The beauty of The Graphic Canon – beyond the consistently exquisite contributions of its many cartoonists – is the breadth of the material, drawing from across cultures and eras. Each entry is a learning experience, from Murasaki Shikibu’s The Tale of Genji (adapted by Molly Kiely) – often regarded as the world’s first novel – to Caroline Picard’s startling interpretation of Apu Ollantay, the last surviving Incan play. The referencing is also impressive, making this a great jumping off point on any books which particularly capture your imagination.

These three volumes are a perfect example of the value of comics as both informative and educational books and as things of beauty.

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