A Glowing Success – The Second Annual Push & Kick Awards

The Second Annual Push & Kick Awards for Excellence in the World of Graphic Books cum launch party for The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature rocked the house at the Society of Illustrators last Friday night. A hundred partygoers roamed from an annual exhibit celebrating the fine art of children’s book illustration on the first floor to the new exhibit of original art from The Graphic Canon of Children’s Literature on the second floor, to the third-floor reception area, where contributors to all editions of The Graphic Canon mingled with friends, family, and Graphic Canon anthologist Russ Kick! Food and drink was served as the award winners were announced: R. Sikoryak, Lynda Barry, and Hillary Chute.


As the proceedings got underway, last year’s honoree Calvin Reid quieted the raucous crowd and presented the Push & Kick Award to R. Sikoryak. Last year’s honoree Karen Green shared a part of her upbringing as she introduced why she had nominated Lynda Barry. And comics scholar Tahneer Oksman accepted on behalf of her academic colleague, Hillary Chute. Last year’s honoree Steve Heller sent greetings and election condolences from Prague where he was receiving an honorary doctorate.


Don’t miss this great annual event next year, same time, same place.