The Graphic Canon Volume 1: Out now

Today is the release date for The Graphic Canon Volume 1! You can pick it up at your bookseller of choice, whether it be your local indie bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.… Continue reading

Contributor Interview: Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey

Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente, who enthusiastically summed up the Toronto Comic Arts Festival a couple of weekends ago in this PW article, have no less than three adaptations included in volume… Continue reading

The Graphic Canon is “All Diamond, No Rough,” says School Library Journal

This amazing starred review in School Library Journal (May 16, 2012) makes us giddy. All Diamond, No Rough from graphic novel guest blogger Francisca Goldsmith (with our second starred review of the week!): Russ… Continue reading

Wall Street Journal—x2!

The other day The Graphic Canon was featured in the print edition of the Wall Street Journal. And now, there is a separate writeup on the WSJ‘s Speakeasy blog, with a mini-gallery! Click… Continue reading

Reader’s Digest: “Seriously fun and strangely moving”

The Graphic Canon has been featured in the Reader’s Digest Books section, under “Art & Inspiration.” The May 2012 print version features a spread of Molly Kiely’s art adapted from The Tale of Genji… Continue reading

Kirkus Reviews: “Classic literature gets desterilized with the help of the modern world’s most daring graphic artists”

This awesome piece from Kirkus Reviews is so far the most revealing of what you’ll find inside Volume 1 of The Graphic Canon. From the March 1, 2012, issue: Classic literature gets desterilized with the help of the modern world’s… Continue reading

Contributor interview: CORTNEY SKINNER

This week we feature Cortney Skinner, who took on Benjamin Franklin in Volume 1 of The Graphic Canon. What inspired you to adapt the piece you did for The Graphic Canon? My piece,… Continue reading

The Graphic Canon in the Wall Street Journal

Barbara Chai just wrote up The Graphic Canon in the Wall Street Journal: On the Horizon | by Barbara Chai Imagine a tale from literature retold as a graphic novel. That’s the idea behind “The… Continue reading

In the “thick tomes” category of MoCCA, according to PW

Heidi MacDonald, of The Beat and Publishers Weekly, wrote a MoCCA Fest wrap-up and name-checked The Graphic Canon. MoCCA Fest was packed with indie comics artists from all over the world signing new graphic… Continue reading

Sneak Preview & Flip-Through

Russ’s longtime publisher Disinformation has posted a sneak preview of The Book of Revelation with Russ’s complete introduction to the piece, as well as a couple of pages of Rick Geary’s amazing art.… Continue reading