Contributor interview: SHARON RUDAHL

This week we are posting the first round of contributor interviews, an ongoing project to highlight The Graphic Canon contributors and the motivation behind the hard (and beautiful) work they’ve done for this… Continue reading

The Graphic Canon at MoCCA Fest, April 28-29

Seven Stories Press will be selling and showing Volume 1 of The Graphic Canon at this year’s MoCCA Fest, which is from 11am to 6pm during the weekend of April 28-29. MoCCA Fest… Continue reading

Booklist calls The Graphic Canon “a uniquely powerful piece of art”

Jesse Karp reviewed Volume 1 in Booklist (April 15, 2012): Does it seem that collecting thousands of years worth of world literature in highly abridged form would be somewhat daft? Why, then, is Kick’s gloriously… Continue reading

The Atlantic Wire: “This is going to be fun”

From the Atlantic Wire, February 9, 2012: This is going to be fun: Robert Crumb, Will Eisner, and 128 other illustrators are going to condense the western canon (not to be confused with the… Continue reading

The Guardian UK says: “Ambitious” . . . We concur.

From the Guardian (UK), February 8, 2012: From The Epic of Gilgamesh to Infinite Jest via Dante, Dangerous Liaisons and Dubliners, the western canon is set to be turned into a 1,344-page, three-volume graphic novel. The ambitious project from New York press… Continue reading

Publishers Weekly: “The graphic publishing literary event of the year”

Calvin Reid wrote about The Graphic Canon for Publishers Weekly. From “Graphic Canon: Comics Meet the Classics” (February 3, 2012): In what looks to be the graphic publishing literary event of the year, Seven Stories Press… Continue reading

Library Journal calls GC “an exciting new benchmark for comics!”

Martha Cornog reviewed The Graphic Canon in Library Journal, January 16, 2012: Editor Kick (Everything You Know Is Wrong) gives me the scoop: “My vision from the start was to essentially create The Norton Anthology… Continue reading