Catch up with what people are saying about The Graphic Canon, which Publishers Weekly called “the graphic publishing literary event of the year!”

Reader’s“9 Graphic Novels Every Grown-Up Should Read” / May 20, 2014
A visual feast, the collection offers a fresh way of interpreting and appreciating the classics—and might encourage you to pick up a few you’ve never gotten around to.”

Comics in Education: “I Don’t Teach Comics, I Teach the Canon.” “Really? Why Not Teach Both!” / March 26, 2014
“The Graphic Canon is a godsend for teachers”

The National Post: “The Graphic Canon gives power to the comic panel” / December 31, 2013
“Three decades ago, the idea of adapting literary classics in the form of comics for discerning readers would have seemed outrageous… Today, graphic storytelling has matured into an art that confidently handles anything from life in North Korea to the Book of Genesis.”

Graphic Novel Reporter:Review: The Graphic Canon, Vol. 3″ / May 15, 2013
“The third installment proudly keeps up the high standards of excellence set by the first two.”

The Comics JournalThe Graphic Canon vol. 1 / January 8, 2013
“It takes time to read this book, but it is a book worth taking time over.”

Brain Pickings: “The Best Graphic Novels and Graphic Nonfiction of 2012” / December 17, 2012
Graphic Canon, Vol. 2 named #1! 
“The tome is the best thing in literary comics since Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant and a fine complement to the best graphic nonfiction of the past few years.”

The Miami HeraldGraphic Novel Reviews / December 30, 2012
“This prodigious and astounding collection of literary adaptations is staggering in its ambition, but even more so in its execution and realization.”

NPR: “Great Reads In Store: Indie Booksellers Pick 2012’s Best” / December 13, 2012
“[P]lucks the world’s most revered classics from their dusty, hallowed shelves, and remixes them with illustrations from today’s finest illustrators….It’s easily the most ambitious and successfully realized literary project in recent memory, and certainly the one that’s most relevant for today’s readers.”

The New York Times: “Graphic Lit” / November 30, 2012
“Great literature leaves us not just with extraordinary stories; the language also leaves an image — a rich and expansive painting of the world written on the page. In “The Graphic Canon,” the world’s literature is reimagined as comics and visual art, and with it the editor, Russ Kick, has struck a chord.”

San Francisco Chronicle: “Holiday Gift Guide” / December 1, 2012
“Remarkable, phone-book-size collections of literary classics adapted into graphic form”

City Book Review: “The Graphic Canon, Volume 2” / November 26, 2012
“From the harshness of pen and ink to the ethereal beauty of watercolors, every story and poem inVolume 2 represents a unique visual fingerprint, the artist’s individual spin on classic tales.”

Salon: “Great Graphic Novels from 2012” / November 25, 2012
“[A]mbitious….Having R. Crumb illustrate the ambivalently overindulgent Boswell’s [London Journal] is a stroke of genius, and Tori McKenna’s striking swampland rendition of “Medea” is capable of replacing all other visual representations of that fearsome figure from Greek tragedy.”

The Rumpus: Interview with Russ Kick / November 30, 2012
Volume 2 just came out, which covers Kubla Khan and the Brontë sisters, to The Picture of Dorian Gray, making it a definite must-have for both literature and comics nerds.”

Le Point: Canon! /November 8, 2012

The Record (Kitchener/Waterloo ON): “Books: Today’s Comics Mean Business” / October 26, 2012
“Impressively encyclopedic anthology of literature’s greatest hits in comic form.”

Imprint:The Graphic Canon: An Anthology to Read and Look At” / October 19, 2012
“Exceeds expectations for how it absorbs familiar texts and shapes new lives into them.”

Reader’s Digest Recommends: “Jane Austen, Frankenstein Go Graphic” / October 16, 2012
“Bold, brillliant. . . . By turns playful and beautful, this visual treatment is more than entertainment; it offers a new perspective for understanding these enduring works.”

Publishers Weekly: “Graphic Novels as Gifts 2012: Comics Real and Surreal” / October 15, 2012
“A handful of high-profile releases that should be on every serious comics lover’s wish list.”

Lit Kicks blog: “Lit Comix: The Graphic Canon, Volumes 1 and 2” / October 7, 2012
“How can I possibly capture the wealth of goodness inside two thick new volumes of classic lit comix? . . . These collections must be seen.”

Brain Pickings blog: “Graphic Canon vol. 2: Literary Comics from Lewis Carroll to the Brontë Sisters by way of Darwin” / October 2, 2012
“The best thing in literary comics since Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant and a fine complement to the best graphic nonfiction of the past few years.”

Publishers Weekly: Book review / October 1, 2012
“A must-have anthology for those who wish to lose themselves utterly in visual narrative adaptations of the works of the Western canon. . . . Editor Kick certainly gets it right.”

Flavorwire: “The Literary Canon as Graphic Novel” / September 27, 2012
“One of the coolest publishing projects we’ve heard about in a long time.”

Library Journal: Graphic Novel Reviews / September 15, 2012
“The trilogy should occupy a prominent place in all adult graphic novel collections.”

Graphic Novel Resources blog: “The Graphic Canon 1” / August 25, 2012
“This volume speaks well of what is to come.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer: “Graphic Classics” / August 6, 2012
“Given the wide range of talent, each with a distinctive style, the volumes burst with an exuberant range of visual styles from classic line drawings to psychedelic prints to computer-generated faux-3D posters.”

Wired‘s GeekDad blog: “Comics as Literature, Part 7: Literature as Comics” / July 12, 2012
“A treasure trove for literary comics fans.”

BoingBoing’s Gweek podcast: “Gweek 059: The $8 Billion iPod” / July 10, 2012

The New Straits Times (Malaysia): “Well Lit: Canonical Comics” / June 30, 2012
“This meaty collection of great stories told by great graphic storytellers is an absolute tour de force of literature.”

The Onion AV Club: “Graphic Novels and Art-Comics—June 2012” /  June 25, 2012
“A remarkable package. . . . This isn’t just a heftier version of ‘Classic Comix;’ it’s a mostly successful attempt to match essential texts with original, inspired images.”

Springfield News-Sun (Ohio): Book review / June 23, 2012
“A dazzling new collection of important literature recreated in graphic form by some our greatest artists and illustrators.”

The Austin Chronicle: “Lit Pics: The Graphic Canon Vol. 1” / June 15, 2012
“Suddenly the world of sequential art is even better, even more substantial than it already was. . . . The diversity and excellence of this volume, which goes to the 1700s, is just about overwhelming.”

Publishers Weekly: “BEA 2012: Hot, Hot, Hot! New Graphic Novels Sizzle” / June 12, 2012
“All seemed in agreement of each other’s choices, often echoing their endorsement and even unintentionally overlapping in the case of The Graphic Canon, Volume 1, which in fairness had probably made everyone’s shortlist.”

Nashville Scene: “The Graphic Canon Interview: Extended Cut” / June 7, 2012
“This combining of contemporary comics art and the world’s best literature is also proving a winner.”

Newsday: “‘Jerusalem,’ ‘Daniel Clowes,’ ‘Graphic Canon'” / June 5, 2012
“‘The Graphic Canon’ is absolutely the most ambitious book I’ve picked up this year.”

The Paris Review: On the Shelf blog / June 4, 2012

The New Yorker: Page-Turner blog / June 1, 2012 “The Best Books of the Year So Far” / June 2012

The Atlantic: “An Ambitious Project to Turn the Literary Canon Into Comics” / May 31, 2012
“More fuel to the intellectual fires.”

Wired‘s The Monitor podcast: “It’s Vigilantes and Vendettas on The Monitor This Week” / May 31, 2012
“Really ambitious and phenomenal. . . . By all means, pick this up!”

Alarm Magazine: “Book Review: The Graphic Canon Vol. 1” / May 30, 2012
“Packs even more of a punch than its size would lead you to expect.”

Flavorwire: “Read the World’s Great Literature in Graphic Form” / May 26, 2012

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online: “99 Summer Book Recommendations” / May 25, 2012

School Library Journal: “All Diamond, No Rough” / May 16, 2012
“Startlingly brilliant.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog: “When Great Literature Collides with Cartoons” / May 9, 2012

The Wall Street Journal: “Retelling Classics in Comic-Book Form Becomes ‘Moby Dick’ Quest” / May 6, 2012

Publishers Weekly: “New Books, New Faces, New Indie Comics at the Annual MoCCA Art Festival” / May 1, 2012

Reader’s Digest: Book review: “Art & Inspiration” / May 2012
“Seriously fun and strangely moving.”

Booklist: Book review / April 15, 2012
“A uniquely powerful piece of art.”

Kirkus Reviews: Book review / March 1, 2012
“Classic literature gets desterilized with the help of the modern world’s most daring graphic artists.”

The Atlantic Wire: “James Joyce, Children’s Author; The Western Canon as Graphic Novel” / February 9, 2012
“This is going to be fun.”

The Guardian: “Western Canon to Be Rewritten as Three-Volume Graphic Novel” / February 8, 2012

Publishers Weekly: “Graphic Canon: Comics Meet the Classics” / February 3, 2012
“The graphic publishing literary event of the year.”

Library Journal: “Graphic Novels Prepub Alert” / January 16, 2012
“An exciting new benchmark for comics!”